A Witch’s Printing Office
by Mochinchi
Kamiya Mika is a "magic printer" who can create grimoires and other magical books for witches and wizards to use, despite having no powers of
by NIHEI Tsutomu
Abara is set in a dystopian world, filled with large structures. The story revolves around creatures known as Gaunas, those who can shape bone like
Adu of Hades
Adu is no ordinary human being. He is actually one of the 12 most powerful Demon Kings who, after making a pact with an angel,
Adventure of Sinbad
by OHTAKA Shinobu
Tells the story of Sinbad's early life, when he captured the first Dungeon, Baal.
Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
by MIZU Asato
From the author of Denkigai no Honya-san and Dansai Joshi comes a short-length comedy about Matsuboshi Raidou-kun and his seatmate Aharen Reina-san, who has problems
Ai o Chodai!
by OHYA Kazumi
Marumie is a nickname for Mie Maruyama who transferred from her local media announcer job to variety entertainment business. Her dream is to become an
Aimane – Akuma na Kanojo o Produce
by SAKURAI Makoto
Souta Inui is a manager at Megapro talent agency, an agency responsible for turning young, beautiful women into stars. Inui, however, spends his time at
Aiyoku no Eustia
by August Soft
After the surface of the world succumbed to chaos centuries ago, the city of Novus Aether is kept afloat in the sky solely by the
AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei
by Motoazabu Factory
This manga based on the ever popular AKB48 group. This series is about a guy called Urayama Minoru crossdressing as a girl to participate in
Alcohol is for Married Couples
Chisato Mizusawa is a reserved but excellent and pretty assistant manager in her company. She has a secret that only her husband Sora knows, which
Alice or Alice
by KORIE Riko
This story gives a look at the daily life of a pair of Alice-esque twins, Airi and Rise, and their older brother, Yoshisato, who has
Almadianos Eiyuuden
by TAKAMI Ryousen
In a world called as Dormant, a man who is the closest to god, Bernst is in anguish. From his youth he climbed to the
by KUJO Karuna
Naraka High School is a seemingly normal school. However, unknown to the public is the cruel truth of what really goes on in the school's
by MURATA Shinya
Alice is a senior high school student who lives with an uncle that spends his time tormenting her everyday. One day, Alice witnesses the death
Argate Online
by Touno Tsumugu
Izu Takashi was just playing the online game -Argate Online- like usual, but he suddenly noticed something strange, his level is now....!! Also he can
Ashitaba-san Chi no Muko Kurashi
by OOI Masakazu
Mu-kun has moved in with his new wife, Hinata. Instead of moving into their own house, though, he's moving into the house that is also