A Snake’s Rise

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Ten years…. For ten years, I traveled throughout Yggdrasil with my friends, both old and new. We explored massive catacombs, underground rivers, and kingdoms made entirely of gold. But that time of peaceful exploration has come to an end and the time for action is upon us. We know what we have to do and for the most part, we accept it. However, recently, a divide has appeared inside our close-knit group. Though not serious enough to cause true issues, it has caused unnecessary tension among the elves.The goblins and I, on the other hand, we know and accept what we have to do to make this world safer for the next generation. Each monster race has its own royal family and it’s this family that we must either recruit… or assimilate by force, if necessary. For our dream of a peaceful future, where true war doesn’t exist, where children no longer need to be orphaned from monster attacks, and where my wife can live out her days happily…. Even if I won’t be there to ensure her safety. I know our chances aren’t great and I’ve come to accept that I will probably die long before I see the benefits of our work, but that won’t stop me… Us, it won’t stop us. The goblins and l will rise to the top and bring the monster races together under one banner, while the elves do the same for the ‘civilized’ races and at the end, if we do it right, the only thing that could stand between us and true peace, is the antagonistic gods and their followers. If they leave us alone and allow us to live out our lives in peace, then I’ve decided to leave them and theirs alone… However, should they stand in our way

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