Hua Zi & 花吱

Prodigal Alliance Head

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It’s about a girl, that transmigrated into the body of a infamously known (but hardly anyone has ever seen ‘him’ with their own eyes) martial arts genius & male playboy, but the body is actually female?! A Little More Intro? Tang Doudou fell asleep in a hotel and woke up surrounded by prostitutes dressed in ancient style clothing. Concluding that it must be a prank reality TV show, what does she do? Of course she puts on a show worth watching! But when the wrong actors crash through the roof and the sword swung at her turns out to be real, Tang Doudou must fight against being captivated by the charm of the beautiful men *wipes drool* and explain her innocence! “I was just passing by to buy soysauce!”

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SERIES BY: Hua Zi & 花吱