Alexis Keane

The Dungeon Pact

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They must live, and so, a god must die. Luneil, a unique dungeon, awakens in the wilderness. He must learn to adapt, or face oblivion. Bas, a member of a lost race of humans, arrives on the magical world of Era. He must adjust to a new way of life using only his wits and an old physics book. Era is in flux. Harmony is shattered and a tyrannical goddess begins to muster her full might in a crusade against anyone who will not bow. They cannot weather the coming storm alone. A deal must be struck. Luneil was born a monster. Can Bas become one? No matter what, Era will never be the same. This is the story of how a deathtrap becomes a haven, and how a good man becomes a killer.

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SERIES BY: Alexis Keane